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  • Very pleased with the excellent service I received when I purchased a used vehicle. I could not of asked for better!

    Belinda Blanchard
    Winnipeg / 2021-2-25

  • My Wife Michelle and I have now found a Car Dealership / Maintenance Shop that goes above and beyond to deliver Service and Peace of Mind. Lanpro is the "Place" you would bring your Son or Daughter to buy their First Car. Lanpro's Owner, Lance Reinheimer keeps a Clean, Family Run Business in which each of his Employees also take Personal Ownership for their work ethic. Even the Washroom is cleaner than most Restaurants!! Let's be Honest, who likes to get up early in the day and wait pensively for the cost of repair to their Vehicle? You would be hard pressed to find this type of Person anywhere!! However Lanpro helps the Process go just that much more smoothly taking the edge off your day~ with Peace of Mind!. When it all boils down to it, Lanpro is doing all they can to keep you and I safe on the horribly beaten Street's of Winnipeg, and helping to keep our Vacations so they remain as Good Memories!!

    Daniel R.

  • Lanpro is always very efficient in both communicating about the status of the car as well as the repair process. Pricing is reasonable and when you pick up the car the pricing is accurate. The staff is friendly and very welcoming.

    Cheryl R.

  • I always receive great service from Lanpro - Lance, Matt and Julian are excellent as are all their mechanics. I live 2 hours out of Winnipeg and they are usually able to fit me in for any work that I need done. I am very grateful to have such a good, reliable garage to go to.


  • I have always received reliable, friendly service at Lanpro. Nowadays everything is very expensive, especially vehicle maintenance. I have always felt that I have been treated fairly with the work that has been done and the cost. I give Lanpro a rating or 8.5.

    Maria S.

  • Trust me when I say that "Lanpro is the only way to go!" I have a long story to tell about 2 service guys at another shop, who tried to tell me that my transmission had to be replaced immediately. They wanted me to pay over $12,000.00 to replace it and fix an air pump. Now, this was a week before Christmas. I am going to try to keep this story short....In shock I called Lanpro. I used to use Lanpro for years, until I purchased a new car and I had to follow their warranty specs. So when I called Lanpro I was surprised that the main crew was still there after all these years! Matt took the time to listen to my profanity laden-ed hyperventilating rant on the phone and then gave me my options. I took my car to Lanpro pronto! They fixed the problem and I walked out with a bill of $1300.00!!! Quite the difference!!! Do not be fooled by the big high end dealerships and their pretentious service!!! Lanpro is a family owned business that treats you with the respect and the dignity that you deserve. Matt and Julian were great, very kind and explained everything to me in details. Being female, that is important to me. The guys at the 'other' place never listened to me and always talked to me like I was an idiot, that I didn't know what I was talking about. I cannot stress enough how important honest customer service is to me and I cannot stress enough that Lanpro is the place to go for it!! One of the reasons I stayed with the 'other' guys was for their shuttle service. What a mistake, because I have no doubt in my mind that if I needed a ride Lance and his crew would be more then happy to assist me. Thanks guys for bringing positive closure to my issues and for giving me peace of mind about any future issues with my car!

    Priscilla LaBossiere

  • I recently purchased a Dodge Dakota from Lanpro Auto Car. Matt was the salesman I dealt with. I particularly like their "no dicker" policy, It cuts out a lot of gameplay usually associated with car buying. I was extremely happy with my purchase, for a little over a week. Then on Friday evening while on the highway with cruse control set, the engine/ tac went from 1700 to 3000 rpm and back down, continually , while remaining at 100km. I called the shop as soon as they opened Saturday morning and spoke with Matt who said bring it in, which I did. They took it for a short road test, pulled it into the shop and read the code. They let me know the issue, ordered the part and had me back on the road again well before noon. The truck is back to 100%. Thanks guys. While I was there waiting I observed Matt dealing with another customer who had their car in for repairs. Matt was very patient explaining what needed to be repaired and the priority in which the work needed to be done. He demonstrated a genuine concern for their safety, at the same time appreciating the costs involved. It is that level of service that builds custom relationships that you won't find at many other shops.

    Matt Schnaider

  • To the folks at Lanpro, Thank you so much for taking care of me and my car. I'm glad to have found you. Your team treat me with respect and kindness, fixes my vehicle in a timely manner, provides reasonable pricing, and Matt and Julian are always patient and thorough when communicating with me. My dad was always the go to guy when it came to vehicle maintenance (he was a welder and mechanic by trade) but he passed away in 2016. I can't rightly express how grateful I am that you treat your clients like family members. It sure makes a difference and means a lot. Enjoy those little treats. Thank You.

    Cheryl Waldner

  • Just a short note to Thank you for the First Rate Service and bringing my attention to other snags on the vehicle, very much appreciated.

    Bill Crawley

  • Lanpro has looked after my cars for many years. I have found them to be extremely efficient, and they always keep me up to date on factory advised repairs. My current car is a 1992 model, and they have kept it running like the proverbial Swiss watch. The staff is always friendly, and a pleasure with whom to deal. Keep up the great work!

    Jim G.

  • We just bought a 2008 Ford Ranger from Lanpro and totally love the truck. But the best part was buying the truck, wow,what a nice experience. The salesman, Matt, was amazing, no pressure sales. The guys even worked through their lunch break to put my plates on my new truck and clean the windows off. I was pretty excited to get driving, and they seemed to know it,lol. Of course no sold truck is complete unless it has a good detail to it, and these guys again came to play, and this truck had an amazing detail job. It's the little things that they didn't have to do, that they did do, that puts the smile on your face when you drive away from there. We are looking forward to dealing with this quality crew of techs for years to come. Thanks guys.

    Dan Nicolson

  • You went above and beyond customer service today for me. I lost the heat in my car and you made room for my car even though you were swamped and getting behind in your service bays. Provided courtesy car service as I had health issues and you did not want me to have to sit in the shop waiting. I really appreciate all you did today and during the at least 20 years of awesome service. I bought my present car from here and one previous one. Lance and all his staff are 5 STAR business. Thank you so much.

    Judy F.

  • Hello Matt, I received your text message1.5 weeks ago, but because of where I am located in Africa, I can't really test you back. So shooting you a quick email instead. Yes, everything is tip top from our car appointment at the shop back on Dec 18th, and again, we appreciate all the good and professional and honest service that we receive there at Lanpro!!! Happy New Year to you too, and as well to Lance!! Kind regards, David and Isabel Baerg

    David & Isabel Baerg

  • Just bought a vehicle from Lanpro. Looked at it Thursday, put down a deposit and picked it up today. Great service, very friendly staff. Got an excellent deal on the car with extras thrown in. Very honest and reliable. Will certainly be bringing the vehicle back there for future repairs. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Marie H.

  • Lanpro is awesome, I had a no start, towed it to Lanpro, got there an hour before closing but 8:30 the next morning got a phone call - your car is ready, NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER CARE. THANK YOU LANCE AND TEAM, YOU'RE ALL AWESOME!

    Doreen M.

  • Very friendly and helpful staff, willing to answer all questions and give timely servce and estimates. Definitely above averaage for service and attention to detail. I have found their work to be Al and the estimates very accurate. Would definitely recommend this auto shop.

    Peter G.

  • I have been with Lance and Lanpro fairly much from the beginning, 20+ years. Lance has seen me through 4 cars. When it came time to purchase a new vehicle, knowing that Lance had started selling used vehicles himself, I decided to ask for his help. I don't know very much about vehicles, but I have trusted Lance with all my auto care and I knew that I could trust him on this too. I gave him the specifications of a type of vehicle that I wanted - higher off the ground, big enough to cart around 2 big dogs, space to take my Pampered Chef business out to home shows, and reliable enough to take me out to BC twice a year, dogs and baggage in tow. We decided a Caravan would meet my needs. After letting him know what I could afford, the hunt was on. We thought it would be easy to find, but Lance wanted to make sure that it was going to be what I needed and wanted. Though it took a couple weeks longer to find what we had hoped for, find one he did. And it is a great vehicle, I'm very happy with my Caravan, and it was a relief to leave it in Lance's hands knowing that he would look out for my needs, I hope he's still around when I need to make my next purchase!

    Jill T.

  • Although there were many issues that I was not that aware of that were wrong with my truck, Lance took the time to go through every detail of his findings & prioritised them for me. I have NEVER received such excellent service from any automotive service provider as I have from Lanpro. Lanpro was recommended to me by Lenny Peterson who, when he had a vehicle, only brought his car to your service station. Although I live in East Kildonan, directly across town, I will continue to bring my vehicles to Lanpro for servicing because to me it is worth the gas money & drive to receive the type of excellent personalized service I got from both Matt & Lance. For this I would like to thank you for your honesty & candor & not only have your received a new customer for life but you have received an excellent promoter of your service station. I will tell everyone I know & recommend that they tell their people to check Lanpro out for themselves & see. They will come up with the same great experience that I did, it is very odd for me to praise a company that just told me I have over $3000.00 in repairs that need to be done. Usually I would be cussing up a storm, but they way that it was handled & the way I was treated turned the cussing into promoting your service station. So I have to thank you for the experience, I can't thank you for the estimate, but I know it is nor your fault that those repairs need to be done.

    Michelle A.

  • Thanks for the follow up. We appreciated that the technician noticed a problem that could be unsafe on the highway. Having a consistent staff that knows the history of our vehicle is also helpful. Also your rates are reasonable and competitive.

    Lori A.

  • The first time I brought in a van for repairs, Lanpro saved me several thousand dollars by explaining what was found wrong and what caused the problem. It's a very convenient location for us. Our vehicles are done when they say they would be. I find the pricing fair and they will squeeze us in when we need something done quickly.

    Dave Robinson, Dyna Pro Enviromental Fleet Owner

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