Celebrating 25 years October 13, 2014!


I have a no dicker policy as I am pricing them at an amount I need to get for them.

I have had safeties plus a pre-purchase inspection done on each vehicle to try to ensure the vehicles are in good shape. Because it is a used vehicle, issues will come up as time goes on.  Your purchase is protected by our Pre-Owned CoVeR (CVR) Program (approx. $1,200.00 retail value). The Pre-Owned CVR Program includes the 6 month/6,000 km, Limited Superior Protection Lubrico Warranty ($899.00 value), which covers items like Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Water Pump, Starter, Alternator, Wiper Motor, Heater motor, Rack & Pinion, Power Steering Pump, Upper & Lower ball joints, Brake Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, A/C Compresssor, and many other items  and 10 Free Regular Oil and Filter Changes (approx. $475.00 value).  Also an in house warranty which is: for the first 60 days, do any regularly priced repairs not covered by the Lubrico Warranty at 50% off, then the next 60 days – 25% off, and 19% off for the remainder of the 1st year of ownership. (total approx. retail value $1200.00). For added peace of mind the Lubrico Warranty can be upgraded to various levels and types of coverage.

Warmly, Lance Reinheimer

P.S.  Our goal is when you’ve purchased a vehicle from us, you drive away as confident as we are that you bought a quality

vehicle, which was value for your money.  

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